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Professional Pool Maintenance

Tired of testing you water then driving to the pool store and coming home with a bunch of bags and buckets.

If you have me come to the house on a weekly basis, I can do everything and work on the pool as if it were my own.  We can just perform the chemical portion of the service or all of it.  Check out our service programs below.

C4 Service:
Complete management of the filter and chemical maintenance of the pool.

AC 4 Service:
Complete management of the filter and chemical portion of the service as well as brushing the pool finish, skimming the pool service and maintaining the perimeter tile.

C4V4 Service:
This service includes all of the above and provides for vacuuming the pool floor.  This is our premium service and you just have to maintain the water level for us.

Concierge Service Includes: All chemicals required, filter cleaning. Option to purchase items that can be ordered on demand:

- Surface Skimming
- Brush Pool Finish
- Vacuum pool floor

Drain and Clean

Do you have a DiamondBrite finish on your pool?  If yes, listen up.

The manufacturer of the product recommends that the finish be lightly “acid washed” every three years to remove organic and mineral stains that all pool finishes pick up with the passage of time.

This process includes draining of the pool water, lightly acid washing the entire surface including the perimeter pool tile and them refilling and balancing the water.

If this is done before the stains get set in too deep, the result is a pool that looks like the day it was first installed.

The price of this service varies with the degree of staining and the size of the pool – but rest assured- it is money well spent.

Goldline Salt Chlorinator

You know how your skin feels “tight” and dry after a swim and your eyes sometimes get red?   Know how your skin feels “silky” after a hot shower with a good moisturizing soap? That is the difference you can feel when a salt chlorinator takes care of the sanitation of your pool water.

The process is simple.  Cleaned water from your pool filter travels through an electrically charged cell on the pool equipment and salt is turned into basic Chlorine – not sodium hypochlorite – that’s the stuff in the yellow jugs.

The pool water looks the same.  The pool water feels different. 

This “new” feeling is not cheap – the average price for a quality Salt Chlorinator starts at about $1,200.00.   If you love to swim and you have a couple of kids that are in the pool all day – so what and insert.

Somebody likes this “new water feeling” as just about every new pool has this option installed.  More and more older pools are adding them as well.

Give us a call for an estimate and some literature.

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